Your communications works best as a mirror

I was back in Essex for a few days last week to look after the parents.

While I was there I went to Basildon hospital cardio unit, dealt with pest control, talked to the postman, the barista in Costa coffee and the cashier at the bank. And in every encounter, I heard the glorious Estuary English accent of the county of my birth. 

Photo copyright

Photo copyright

Each conversation reflected the company or organisation the individual worked for. Each transaction was customer service. And for each situation, I knew I'd be understood, and that people would 'get me'. They knew I was one of them (despite moving away from Essex when I was 18, never to return, I still slip into dropping my 'h's and my 't's when I'm back, much to the chagrin of my mother).

For me it's a nod to the need in communications to reflect your audience when speaking to them. You'll get your message across better if you know who you are dealing with, what they are like, and what their values are. There's no point simply broadcasting or telling people what to do, and expecting them to listen, much least take action.

I suppose this is why I picked up on my favourite thing of the week. Joey Essex promoting kebabs in Southend. The fact he was opening a new kebab shop in Southend and you could meet him AND get a free kebab was on the front page of my parents local paper two days in a row. And I loved it. 

I know this is an oversimplification of audience targeting, and effective communications, but hey, I'm an Essex girl, what can I say. I'm just gutted I wasn't still around to get lunch and a selfie.