If you are finding that your communications and marketing isn’t having the impact or delivering the outcomes you want, we can help.

Critically, you need to make sure your communications output aligns with your business. Whether you’re a sole trader, small charity or large public sector organisation, you should have a communications strategy and plan, and ensure that all your messaging and marketing output supports the delivery of your business strategy, rather than working in isolation.

In summary, there’s typically a five step process to follow to get your communications and marketing aligned and properly planned.

  1. Develop a brand guide. This is about defining your vision, values and mission. You may already have this, but it’s important to understand who you are and what you stand for, and have this running through all your work. Importantly, it’s not just about having a logo, a company strapline and a colour palette.

  2. Write your communications strategy. Your communications strategy should focus on the outcomes you want to achieve, not the outputs you want to produce. Consider why you need to communicate, and to what end, and start to think about how you may do this. Your communications strategy can also include your social media strategy, your approach to crisis communications, how you will work with the media and your internal communications strategy.

  3. Put together your content strategy. This is where you start to think about the storytelling and narrative about your work, but also how to decide on what to write and where to source your inspiration. But generating what you write about or produce shouldn’t just be about coming up with ideas for great content. Your content strategy needs to reflect your brand, consider your reputation and also think about search engine optimisation.

  4. Draft your marketing and communications plan. This is the what, where, when and how of your communications and marketing. Once you’ve got your content strategy produced this then informs your marketing and comms plan. It should include all the tactics you want to adopt mapped out in a calendar, across all the channels you’ll be using, whether that’s blogging on your website, using Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, speaking at business events or writing in industry publications.

  5. Measure your marketing and communications activity. Measuring your communications and marketing should be a continuous process. You need to constantly assess whether what you are producing has worked, and tweaking your comms to reflect what you’ve learnt.

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